Philip Nolan says Ireland is close to cracking down on Covid-19

Professor Philip Nolan said Ireland appeared to be on the verge of quelling Covid-19.

Talking to RTÉ news in One“We are in a good position” to lift the remaining Covid-19 restrictions by October 22, said the head of NPHET’s Epidemiological Modeling Advisory Group.

“There is nothing in the numbers at the moment that will change the advice that NPHET would have given the government at the end of August,” Nolan said.

He said the suppression of the virus is due to the precautions taken by the population and the high levels of vaccination.

“We are fortunate with the very high level of vaccinations and frankly the very reasonable way each of us is taking precautions,” Nolan said.

“It appears we are close to suppressing what is a highly contagious virus,” he said.

Nolan said Ireland is living in the wake of what was a “very large wave of infections in the 16-34 age group” during the summer months, when the population was partially vaccinated.

“We are living with the fallout from this force of infection right now. The cases we see today are basically leftovers from that,” he said.

Nolan suggested there would be “a long final act” of the pandemic, “given the level of the virus’ spread in the world.”

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“I think we’re going to see cases of this infection for several months to come,” he said.

However, he added, “I think it’s an important message here for people not to be afraid. I’m concerned about people who consider themselves at risk, who may still, at this point, be really worried about their safety.”

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“I think the message is don’t be afraid, be careful.

“The risks are greatly reduced because of vaccination. We can reduce the risks even more if we can keep the case numbers low. This is the time to see this as a long and slow end stage.”

This evening, public health officials confirmed 1,124 new cases of Covid-19 in Ireland.

As of 8 a.m. this morning, 349 patients with Covid-19 were in the hospital, including 65 in the intensive care unit.

Deaths are reported weekly due to a health, safety and environmental data breach in May – as of Wednesday, 5,249 people had died of Covid-19 in Ireland.

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