Police at the family home search for signs of a stalker while the pilot drops details about the missing girl’s pursuit

The pilot who first appeared on the scene says that Cleo may have disappeared before the search began

The pilot, who was one of the first to begin tracing Cleo Smith, says the four-year-old may have left the area long before police arrived on the scene.

Justin Borg gets a desperate call from Cleo’s parents on Saturday morning, begging him for help finding a missing preschooler.

Mr. Borg’s team spent all day searching for the landscape, but they saw nothing that sheds any light on Cleo’s disappearance.

«We were just running out of the block of possibilities asking ‘Where do we look next?'» he told the Western Australian newspaper. We were sure she wasn’t in the area when we did our second search. When we go and look for someone, if they are in the area, you will find them really fast. Especially if you speak in unnatural colors.”

Mr. Borg said that the pink suit Cleo was wearing when she disappeared would have stood out starkly against the landscape.

“We flew at an altitude where we were glimpsing the country side. And then when we didn’t find anything looking for a wide area, we started a more slow and thorough search.”

«We made sure we searched under every rock, every tree and every bush with the helicopter.»

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