Russia plans to conduct missile tests off the coast of Cork

Russia plans to test missiles off the coast of Cork in a few weeks.

The Irish government was warned that the eastern country’s navy and air force would test weapons 240 kilometers off Cork at the beginning of February.

The move will have an impact on international flights, including flights in and out of Ireland, with the aviation authority confirming it has received a notification to reroute.

according to the magazine The missiles will be launched from the ships from an area guarded by the Irish Navy.

The state-owned Russian news agency TASS reported a number of exercises that will take place around the world this month and next.

This comes with rising tensions between the nation and Ukraine as troops are amassed on the border between them.

There are fears that Russia will invade their neighboring country.

Cathal Perry TD told the newspaper that the site off the coast of Cork was «not an accident» and noted that Russian bombers had flown near the west coast of Ireland in recent years.

He said the current situation showed «we are the weakest link in European defence.»

The Iraqi Aviation Authority confirmed that it has issued a Notice of Air Missions (NOTAM) and a training will take place 240 kilometers off the southwest coast.

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