Search for Irish missing man in US curtailed

The search for a 27-year-old Dublin man missing in Wyoming has been curtailed after an extensive operation in Grand Teton National Park.

Cian McLaughlin was last seen on Tuesday, June 8 on a hiking trail in the park, when a climbing guide reported seeing a solo park, matching Mr. McLaughlin’s description, on the Garnet Canyon Trail, a short distance above the Garnet Canyon/Surprise Lake junction.

Mr. McLaughlin’s car was later found parked near the head of the Lubben Meadows trail in the National Park.

In a statement, the Grand Teton Park Service said that after days of extensive ground and air searches, the operation would switch to «continuous, but limited mode.»

She said «new clues will be investigated as they progress» and park staff will continue to patrol and look for signs of Mr McLaughlin’s whereabouts.

Over the past week, up to 70 employees have conducted searches in the park, with the participation of multiple search and rescue teams, and more than 45 helicopter searches have been conducted.

Grand Teton National Park is 70 km long and 40 km wide and includes over 300,000 acres of mountainous land with lakes and rivers.

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