The bodies found after the collision of a cargo ship have been arrested in Sweden

A body has been found after British and Danish cargo ships collided in the Baltic Sea off southern Sweden.

Swedish authorities confirmed that another person is still missing at sea.

The Swedish Public Prosecution Service confirmed that two arrests had been made in connection with the deaths of suspected crew members following the collision.

Inverness-logged Scott Carrier is understood to have collided with the Danish vessel Karen Hoegh south of Ystad, near the Danish island of Bornholm, on Monday at about 2.30 a.m. (GMT).

At 3 p.m., the Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) confirmed that a body had been found on board the Karen Hogg while it was being towed ashore on Monday afternoon, but the other person is still missing.

Sweden’s Public Prosecution Service (SPS) said two people, a Briton and a Croatian, had been arrested on possible charges of causing the death of another person, gross negligence in sea traffic and «extreme drunkenness at sea».

The British freighter Scott Carrier was involved in a collision with the Danish freighter Karen Hoge, seen in the background.

The Ministry of Public Health confirmed that the cause of the collision is not clear, and the Public Prosecution is in the early stages of its investigation into what happened.

The Danish cargo ship capsized after the accident, which prompted a major rescue mission that included helicopters and ships.

Earlier today, an SMA spokesperson told the BBC that he heard screeching from the water after the collision.

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«It’s very cold and dark,» said Jonas Franzen. «The water is about 4 degrees Celsius and the air is about 5 degrees Celsius.»

According to MarineTraffic, Scott Carrier was traveling from Salacriva in Latvia to Montrose in Scotland, while Karin Hoy’s family had left Södertälje in Sweden for Nykoping Falster in Denmark.

A spokesman for Scotline, owners of Scot Carrier, confirmed that the shipping company had an «interest» in the vessel, but declined to comment while the collision was investigated.

The spokesman added: «The captain, the ship, the crew and the company are assisting the local authorities and complying with them exactly as required.»

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