The Covid-19 outbreak has risen to 90 schools with 412 students and staff infected with the virus

The number of Covid-19 outbreaks in schools doubled last week, hitting 90 schools.

This resulted in the injury of 412 pupils and associated staff.

Among the outbreaks were 78 primary schools, 11 in post-primary schools and one in special education, according to the latest report from the Health Protection Surveillance Center.

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It comes as public health officials are assessing when to begin easing restrictions around children who are in close contact with a confirmed case.

It could mean that children who are not asymptomatic, or who are not in an at-risk category, will no longer need to stay at home.

Nine outbreaks have been reported in childcare centers with 33 confirmed cases linked, the report said.

A new university/college-associated outbreak has been reported with seven confirmed associated cases.

In all, there have been 198 outbreaks in different places.

The report highlighted four new outbreaks in nursing homes with 49 confirmed associated cases, two in a community hospital/long-term care facility and four in an acute hospital.

Seven new outbreaks were reported in residential establishments with 33 confirmed associated cases including five in disability centers, and one of the homeless.

In the past week, 13 workplace outbreaks were reported with 37 confirmed associated cases; Including three in the construction sector, one in food production and processing and eight in other workplace types.

There have been five outbreaks linked to retail outlets with 14 associated cases confirmed.

It comes as 11 vaccination pop-up centers will be set up across third-tier colleges next week.


The clinics will provide the first or second doses and will be made available to students and staff as admission clinics during the week of vaccination.

The goal is to maximize vaccine uptake in those who have not yet benefited from vaccination, including international students.

we visited Covid-19 vaccine dashboard For an update on the start of the vaccination program and the rate of coronavirus cases in Ireland

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