The Duchess of Cambridge: Kate plays piano publicly for the first time alongside pop star Tom Walker at Westminster Abbey Carroll | UK news

Pop star Tom Walker said the Duchess of Cambridge is «totally nailed» as she plays the piano at a show at Westminster Abbey.

Walker’s Christmas single for Those Who Can’t Be Here was performed as part of the Duchess’ Royal Carols: Together At Christmas, which was filmed earlier this month.

Het’s performance marked her first time playing the piano in public.

Kate played the piano to perform Tom Walker’s Christmas single For Those Who Can’t Be Here

Kate organized and hosted the event, which was broadcast on ITV, as a thank you to the «inspiring» people who have served their communities during the pandemic.

Walker, who is best known for his hit song Leave The Light On, said the Duchess approached him to participate after they met at a charity event.

«I didn’t even know she played the piano.

«It was very secretive, very secretive – even the studio didn’t know what was going on. We were sitting on either side of the room for COVID, rehearsing.

So we got together, we rehearsed the song like nine times, and at the end of it she totally nailed it, and then she left for two days and practiced, and then we finally recorded the he-she.

«I was really impressed because it’s one thing he plays with me in the studio, it’s just the two of us, but then he went straight to playing with a live string quartet and a pianist and a couple of backing vocalists, all of which are ‘never met before,’ and then he took the live stream in front of the camera – This is quite another leap from confusion.

Kate Middleton plays the piano publicly for the first time, in an ITV show called Royal Carols: Together At Christmas at Westminster Abbey
The Duchess’ performance was broadcast on ITV

“I totally heard it and was very surprised at how great she was at keeping time, because she had to start and lead the song.

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Walker said of the concert, «I think we were really nervous because it wasn’t going to be quite as planned and one of us would let the other person down or something, but it was just so amazing — it just broke.

He said: «What a talented, kind, kind-hearted, beautiful person.»

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Kate delivered the ceremony by honoring those who have worked on behalf of their communities throughout the pandemic.

She said, “We wanted to say a big thank you to all these wonderful people who have supported their communities.

«We also wanted to identify those whose struggles may have been less visible as well.»

The Duchess also supported Prince William, Princess Eugenie, Sophie Wessex and other members of the royal family at the event.

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