The Queen apologizes to foreign dignitaries after embarrassing ‘Breaking the Wind’ moment

The Queen apologized to foreign dignitaries after showing him around her stables and causing a horse to break in the wind, according to reports.

The Queen was reportedly touring her stables when one of the animals let out a «loud fart». Her Majesty is said to have apologized after an ‘awkward pause’, sparking a playful mockery of the foreign character.

According to the Times, after he blew the horse, the Queen said: «I apologise, Your Excellency.»

The foreign official replied: No problem, Your Majesty. I thought it was horses.

The story emerged after reports over the weekend that Camila heard Joe Biden go off at Cop26 — Express reports.

The US president reportedly broke the wind while exchanging a short talk with the Duchess of Cornwall at the Climate Change Summit in Glasgow.

A source told the Mail on Sunday: «It was long and loud and it couldn’t be ignored.

Camila never stopped talking about her.

The Duchess met Biden during a reception at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery on November 1.

Also in attendance were Prince Charles, Prince William, Kate and Boris Johnson.

The Queen was originally supposed to host the reception.

However, the King was forced to withdraw from Cop26 after the royal doctors ordered him to rest.

Last month, the 95-year-old head of state spent a night in hospital undergoing initial tests.

Instead, the Queen gave a video message that was played during the reception of presidents and prime ministers.

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