The search for the lost Dublin continues after eight days of hiking in the US National Park

Friends created a GoFundMe page to help with efforts to find a Dublin man who has been missing in Wyoming, US, for over a week.

Ian John McLoughlin, 27, was in Teton National Park and is believed to have walked a hiking trail before it disappeared.

He has not been seen since Tuesday 8 June. His car was later found at the start of a hiking trail in a 310,000-acre park.

Mr. McLaughlin was born in Dublin and studied at the Dublin Institute of Technology.

He has traveled a lot in his life and works as a snowboard coach at Jackson Hole in the Rocky Mountains.

Cousin, Kelsey Fallon, updated the search results on social media to say the last «call» or signal from Sian’s mobile phone was at 3:30 p.m. local time in Lake Taggart. «They estimated that this is more than four miles from the point where it was seen at 2:30 p.m.,» she said.

Ms Fallon said the researchers had 70 people with dog and helicopter teams, and there were plans to add one or two more dog teams in addition to a family research team.

“The drones will be welcomed after the foot search team has finished their area. The drones will be used to search in non-walkable areas,” she said, adding that Rangers did not appear pessimistic.

«They don’t have a specific end date for the search yet. All gear except for the backpack and Go Pro counts. They are interested in pictures of his tattoos. I specifically alerted friends and social media followers to his arm tattoos, so start looking through the pictures.»

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Meanwhile, the GoFundMe page, called «Support Cian McLaughlin’s Family,» has raised nearly half of its €50,000 goal so far.

The friend who created the page said Mr. McLaughlin’s mother and partner are traveling to Wyoming.

«We have created this Gofundme to help with travel costs, accommodation and any emergencies,» she said.

The National Park Service, which is leading the search for Mr McLaughlin, said he was last seen in the town of Jackson on Tuesday afternoon.

He did not show up for work in Jackson on Thursday and the local mayor’s office was notified on Saturday night.

His vehicle was located at the start of a track on Sunday morning and aerial and ground searches began.

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