The weather is fine until next week, but not far from the long weekend

It looks like the warm weather this weekend will continue until the middle of next week before regular service resumes and we will be back again to unstable and cooler conditions on Bank Holiday in June.

We have adapted in 2021 to cold and rain with many of us turning to central heating for a little emotional and meteorological support until mid-May.

“Usually by the time we get to May, we might have had some warmer periods already. This year has been a bit different,” said Kathhal Nolan of the Irish Weather Channel.

He said winds coming from the west and northwest have caused «particularly cold weather during this time of the year, definitely in May.»

However, meteorologists have given us a brief respite from the cold this weekend as temperatures are expected to soar above 20 ° C, even if they dare to hit 22 ° C in parts over the coming days.

Met Eireann told us that our luck is expected to last until Wednesday evening when things get a bit «a bit elusive.»

While we know that Sunday is expected to be the best day of the weekend, if not the whole year yet, Monday is also set to be mainly dry and sunny with temperatures as high as 20 ° C for the inland provinces.

The outlook gets warmer on Tuesday, as temperatures are expected to reach 22 ° C, but it could be cooler in coastal areas, while a few showers are likely to develop in the west.

It looks like a dry and warm Wednesday will start with the sunshine to carry us through the afternoon, but the clouds and rain are expected in the afternoons and downhill pretty much from there.

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We will see the usual unstable weather return at the end of the week, and it looks like the weekend in the banks will be cooler with temperatures expected between 14 and 17 degrees Celsius.

You can also make the most of the good weather this weekend because it works as usual for the next day.

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