TV doctor in fundraising appeal after a defamation case

A fundraising appeal was launched by TV presenter Dr. Christian Giessen after he was She was ordered to pay compensation of 125,000 pounds (145,000 euros) to Northern Ireland’s First Minister Arlene Foster.

The paramedic, who hosts the Channel 4 program «Embarrassed Bodies», posted what a Belfast Supreme Court judge described as a «outrageous» defamatory tweet about the former Democratic Unionist Party leader.

Foster sued Dr. Jessen for defamation on a tweet he posted on December 23, 2019, making a false claim about an affair for his 300,000 followers.

Mr. Macallinden ordered him to pay damages of £ 125,000 and legal costs to Arlene Foster.

Yesterday Dr. Jessen tweeted a link to his Gofundme page, called «Support Dr Christian». He has set a fundraising goal of £ 150,000 and has so far received nearly £ 3,000 in donations.

He wrote on the page that he was «considering an appeal» and «seeking to raise funds to help me fight my most unfair situation.»

Dr. Jessen also tells his supporters: «The past year or so has been very difficult for me because I have had some serious mental health issues.

«Knowing that I have your support is very encouraging and confirming that. I am very grateful.»

He adds that «any money raised from the surplus costs will be donated to the relevant charities.»

Speaking outside the Supreme Court after the ruling against Dr Jason last Thursday, Paul Tweed, Foster’s attorney, said he hoped it would be a «turning point» for all the women who have been attacked on social media.

“My client is very satisfied with the large amount of damages awarded today by the court. In fact I think this is a record for rewarding a tweet,” said Mr. Tweed.

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«We hope that the case will serve as an encouragement and a turning point for all women in public life who have been subjected to similar attacks on social media,» he said.

Mr. Tweed said Mrs. Foster would not make any further comment on the ruling.

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