Vladimir Putin: Where’s the evidence? Russia is waging a cyber war against the United States? | world News

Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied allegations that his country is waging a cyberwar against the United States.

In an exclusive interview with NBC News, Russian President She dismissed accusations of Russian hackers, or the government itself, of using technological warfare against America – as unfounded.

He said that the allegations of his country’s involvement in cyber attacks had become «comical,» asking: «Where is the evidence? Where is the evidence?»

Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny remains in prison

«We have been accused of all sorts of things: election interference, cyber attacks etc. Not once, and they haven’t bothered to provide any kind of evidence or evidence,» he said.

US intelligence services have provided evidence of Russian hackers targeting the federal government and interfering in the US elections.

Putin also denied ordering the poisoning of Kremlin critics Alexei Navalny.

Urged as to whether he had any role, he said, «Look, such decisions in this country are not made by the president.»

Russian intelligence services have been accused of poisoning Navalny, who survived the accident but is still in a Russian prison.

Asked if the former opposition leader would come out of prison alive, Putin said: «He will not be treated worse than anyone else.»

Joe Biden is scheduled to meet with Vladimir Putin on Wednesday
Joe Biden is scheduled to meet with Vladimir Putin on Wednesday

Putin’s comments come only two days before he and Joe Biden They are scheduled to sit down for talks in Geneva on Wednesday.

The US president will be new to his meeting with NATO leaders, who indicated that Russia It remains a security risk to the Western Allies.

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In his interview with NBC, Putin said Russia would be willing to engage with other countries including the United States and would appreciate «predictability and stability.»

The Russian president made no secret that he supported Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump, whom he called «exceptional» and «talented.»

Relations between Putin and Biden were somewhat more strained, with the current US president agreeing when asked if he thought the Russian president was a murderer.

When this was brought up to Mr. Putin, he replied: «During my tenure, I am used to attacks of all kinds. None of them surprised me.»

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