World leaders pledge to work to prevent another global pandemic

On Saturday, G7 leaders will commit to a series of joint actions to try to prevent another global pandemic of human and economic devastation caused by the coronavirus.

In an announcement at their meeting in Cornwall, leaders will commit to reducing the time taken to develop and license vaccines, treatments and diagnostics for any future disease to less than 100 days, to bolster global surveillance networks and genetic sequencing capacity, and to strengthen the World Health Organization.

They will also agree on measures to control the growing number of diseases originating in animals and speed up the introduction of vaccines for livestock diseases. The announcement comes after leaders committed to donating one billion doses of coronavirus vaccine to other countries.

“Last year, the world has developed several effective coronavirus vaccines, they have been licensed and made at a rapid pace, and now they are being put into the arms of the people who need them,” Boris Johnson said.

“But in order to truly defeat the coronavirus and recover, we need to prevent a pandemic like this from happening again. And that means learning the lessons of the past 18 months and doing it differently next time. I am proud that for the first time today, the world’s leading democracies have come together. To make sure we’re never surprised again.»

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