Covid-19 Ireland: Latest changes to vaccine rollout, new travel rules and a delta variant

With the increasingly positive Covid-19 pandemic situation in Ireland, there is hope that the reopening plan can proceed without any major roadblocks.

Country It has already seen a major reopening of outdoor hospitality with the next set of restrictions to be lifted on July 5.

However, the delta variant poses some risks to the end of Ireland’s lockdown with the UK having to delay easing lockdown restrictions for another four weeks due to the variant spreading.

Meanwhile, major changes have been confirmed in Ireland Serum Roll it out in the next few weeks as the program grows in size.

That’s all you need to know.

Vaccine offering changes

Taoiseach He confirmed that the gap between AstraZeneca doses for about 450,000 people would be shortened from 12 to 8 weeks.

The move comes in an effort to ensure more people are fully vaccinated before the new delta variant spreads in Ireland.

The reasoning behind this is that if there is another wave of widespread cases, vaccines should prevent hospitalization and even death.

in the current situation, HSE She said she plans to complete the second doses by the week of July 19.

New travel tips

View of the departures hall in Terminal 1 at Dublin Airport

The Minister of Health has confirmed new public health measures for people coming to Ireland from Great Britain.

People arriving in Ireland from Britain who have not been fully vaccinated will have to self-isolate for ten days. Changes take effect with immediate effect.

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However, if anyone arrives from Great Britain and is not fully vaccinated, they are now required to remain in quarantine and seek additional testing at least ten days after they arrive in Ireland, in addition to the fifth day test.

This ten-day test is also free and HSE will soon offer a booking portal for that as well.

In addition, it is also a legal requirement that those from unspecified countries, including Great Britain, adhere to a 14-day home quarantine.

The 14-day period of home quarantine can be shortened if a person receives an undetected RT-PCR test result 5 days after arrival.

Delta latest version

Public health directors said they were «concerned» about the impact the delta variable might have in the coming weeks.

Speaking on Monday, Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ronan Glenn urged people who have not yet been vaccinated to exercise caution.

«The one thing we’re particularly concerned about is the delta variable, and the impact that may have over the coming weeks,» he said.

«We are very keen that people, especially people who have not been vaccinated, continue to follow the essential messages so that we do not have problems over the coming weeks.»

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However, cases have so far remained very low and there has been no increase in Delta cases in recent weeks.

Taoiseach Micheal Martin said Ireland’s reopening so far has been «very good so far» after the country suffered a shock third wave of Covid-19.

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Government sources say the number of cases of infection in Britain has increased northern Ireland Will not hamper plans to reopen indoor bars and restaurants on July 5

But Taoiseach also cautioned that we need to «watch» the new delta variant wreaking havoc on parts of the UK.

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