God rejects the Armagh event on the occasion of the partition

Line of Duty’s character, Adrian Dunbar, Supt Ted Hastings called it true in an uproar this week to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Partition in Northern Ireland.

“Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the little donkey, can we move this thing before it leads us all to the bloody turn?”

Well, no.

Not yet, because a retired Presbyterian minister has a lot to choose with as Northern Ireland’s First Minister. (And this column will not write itself).

Paul Gevan of DUP, also a member of the Free Presbyterian Church, was among the important guests at Thursday’s community service, and Reverend Evan Foster was not amused.

According to Alan Preston’s excellent report in the Belfast Telegraph on Friday, Reverend Foster Jeevan was criticized for participating in an «unscriptural» event «held under the auspices of apostate cults gathered here in Ulster».

The reporter tells us that Jeevan attended despite public objections from his church, which is «sad» because this week’s service was «deliberately planned to advance the non-biblical religious ecumenical spirit.»

In the run-up to the event, Free Presbyterian Coordinator Reverend John Armstrong declared that «it has been arranged to further the purposes of non-biblical ecumenism when it should have been a service of celebration and thanksgiving at the hand of the Lord to our country for the past hundred years.»

Reverend Foster, a former pastor at Umag’s Kilskire Church, says not punishing the First Minister for his «blatant breach» would make their church laughable. May God have mercy on his people in Ulster who have given such poor spiritual and political leadership in these trying times, he said.

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Preston asked Reverend Foster why Paul Geffen was wrong to attend when Queen Elizabeth felt it was appropriate before illness forced her to cancel.

«The Queen is not a Free Presbyterian. He replied that the Queen was not someone who sat down and said, ‘I believe in the doctrines of the Free Presbyterian Church’.»

“She is the head of the Church of England, who is dogs of all kinds of filth. That is the truth theologically.”


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