The government may offer incentives to promoters of outdoor events

The government is considering proposals to incentivize promoters to limit outside events to people who have been vaccinated by providing them with greater capacity.

It is understood that ministers will not set out to limit such gatherings to vaccinated people in the same way that Covid cards have been used for indoor dining.

The option of asking event organizers to volunteer to hold larger events for vaccinated people was discussed at today’s Covid committee meeting.

The government aims to gradually lift legal regulations while leaving public health guidelines and advice in place.

The use of vaccination certificates for theaters as well as other indoor activities such as bowling and bingo are also considered.

An increase in the number of mourners allowed at funerals is also expected.

A phased return to work from September 13 or later could occur on September 20 or 27.

It is understood that there has been significant support in the Cabinet Committee on Covid-19 for the gradual resumption of the live events sector starting sometime next month.

The committee will meet again on Monday to finalize details before the announcement on Tuesday.

Handlings and affirmations will also return in September.

A comprehensive presentation was given to the committee on the current status of Covid-19, and it was heard that 87% of people over the age of 18 are now fully vaccinated.

There is still a large spread of the delta variant and the government expects the numbers to rise.

They will be watching closely, and will plan the roadmap, knowing that the numbers are still expected to peak.

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The committee will meet on Monday after nearly four hours of discussions.

Some elements of the reopening were agreed today but more remains to be completed.

Taoiseach said Ireland could have nearly 90% of people over 16 years old fully vaccinated by the week of September 6.

Speaking at government buildings this evening, Michael Martin said a complete plan to reopen the economy and society will be delivered next Tuesday.

He said he expected to see restrictions ease in areas such as live entertainment, theater and the arts next month.

Taoiseach also said that companies are eager to receive a timetable in terms of returning to the workplace and that the government will provide that timetable.

The Minister for Environment, Climate and Communications, Eamonn Ryan, said there was broad agreement among the other ministers on a cabinet committee to gradually ease restrictions over the next two months.

He will not be drawn to specific restrictions that may be eased, except to say he expects public transport capacity to return to 100% next week.

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Earlier, the health minister said he did not believe any particular vaccination rate should be reached in order to facilitate widespread easing of restrictions.

This comes after the National Public Health Emergency Team He called for 90% of those over the age of 16 to be fully vaccinated before restrictions were widely eased.

Yesterday the health services official said more than 84% of people aged 16 and over had been fully vaccinated while 90.3% had received their first dose.

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Minister Stephen Donnelly said Ireland was heading towards a more than 90% vaccination rate for those over 16 “in any case”.

“I don’t think we need to get a certain number – whether it’s 90%, 87%, 93% – we’ve got there,” he told reporters as he arrived at government buildings for a cabinet meeting. A committee.

He said the pressure on hospitals at the moment was manageable but “very real”, adding that the government was looking at worrying trends in the UK, including in Northern Ireland.

The government has promised a new roadmap that sets a timetable for lifting restrictions, including restrictions on live events, religious services and exercise classes.

The full cabinet meets on Tuesday to sign the new roadmap.

Ahead of the meeting, Arts Minister Catherine Martin said she would like to see restrictions on musicians and artists eased in September.

Arriving at the government buildings, Secretary Martin said she will explore all options to facilitate the return of indoor events as well, adding that 80% of capacity is important in her view, for such events to be viable.

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Ms Martin said the goal of vaccinating 90% of those over the age of 16 was “a hard-to-reach target”.

On the electric outing, Ms Martin said she would explore “all possible options” to allow her to return.

She noted that there was a “planning issue” but said she would like to know what can be done to allow the festival to move forward.

Transportation Secretary Eamonn Ryan said he believed many of the restrictions could be relaxed in September, but the majority would be lifted in October.

The Green Party leader said there will be immediate measures that the government hopes to implement, but that ministers will heed public health advice.

Minister Ryan said a return to 100% capacity on public transport would be something he would like to see happen in September.

He added that this would “make sense” as people return to school, college and the workplace.

Mr. Ryan cited affirmations and outreach as another example of other events he would like to see return next month.

He added that assurances may come back before handling.

Additional reporting by Tommy Maskell

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